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    Maryna Skylum

    Hi Usnea,

    Luminar Flex will be updated with the Accent 2.0 filter in the future.

    However, there is no ETA for that just yet.

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    Greg Luckett

    What a joke. Your photo organization capabilities are so bad that you introduced Flex as a plug-in to our favorite programs that allow proper organization so that we can still use the editing capabilities of Luminar. You also said that Flex is going to be the only available plug-in and Luminar proper will no longer be available as a plug-in. So now you're saying our only available plug-in is going to be functionally behind Luminar by who knows how long - days, weeks, months? This is not acceptable.

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    Richard Harrington

    Accent 2.0 and some other improvements are in beta testing now and will ship very soon.

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    Steve Kruger

    Thankyou Richard..I hope this is true. I would love to use Luminar 3, but it is just so problematic. I don't really need a DAM, but I really like Accent 2.0 guys have done a great job with that filter. So the only thing that keeps me from using Flex is the lack of Accent 2.0 . Accent is still good, but once I tried 2.0 I liked it better.

    So really looking forward to the next update of Flex WITH Accent 2.0 or better. 

    Many thanks Steve

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    Richard Harrington

    You should get it next week.

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