Flood fill masking



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    Anna Veres

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I have forwarded it to the person in charge for further consideration. 

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    michael mills

    Hi Robin,

    Please also take a look at my request for advanced masking tools "MASK Features/Editing Tools we need to see in Aurora".

    I was hoping the general community would be more responsive with their comments on this topic.

    I feel as you do, that masking is a critical tool and we need ways to select objects that we want to mask.

    If our recommendations are seen separately, it doesn't look to the development team like there is a need for these features and they won't get done.

    My comments were directed at Aurora but in general, enhamced masking tools are needed in any platform that supports masking (ie Luminar, Flex, Aurora, etc). I only touched the tip of the iceberg with my comment. I'm sure there are others with input into masking tools, we just need them to say something.

    I hope you agree and if so, please also comment under my post in support so we can get some momentum.

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    Kevin Downey

    I agree - I'm a landscape and street photographer and advanced "smart" masking options are so necessary for professionals and one of the reasons I can't use the Skylum products exclusively. This has been an issue for a long time - I would hope to hear from the development team that this is a priority.

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