MASK Features/Editing Tools we need to see in Aurora



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    Terry Rogers

    Hi Michael. I am sorry for a delayed response. Please check our reply to your post here.

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    Robin Watts

    Just to add my 2c here; Michael is absolutely right in that the existing masking tools are painful to use. I'd love to see a lasso tool (or even just a polygon thing). I have asked separately for a "flood fill" type thing, because that'd be (I think) relatively easy to implement, but that doesn't detract from the need for things asked for in this post.

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    Kevin Downey

    I agree - 100% as well and commented on the other post. For professionals advanced masking is a necessity not a "nice to have" - I brought this up well over a year ago to Skylum and got no response. I hope we get something back since more people are vocalizing as opposed to just using different software which is what is happening now I fear..

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