Are There Settings to Tweak Performance on My Machine?



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    Leila Evans

    Hi Adam - Please, do the following:

    • If there are any updates for your Windows, install them.
    • Ensure that you have NET Framework 4.7.2. Download it here (click this text to open link).
    • Ensure that you have C++ 2013. Download it here (click this text to open link). Select your preferred language, click Download, mark vcredist_x64.exe with a checkbox, and click Next to download it. 
    • Ensure that you have Visual C++ 2015. Download it here (click this text to open link). Select your preferred language, click Download, mark vcredist_x64.exe with a checkbox, and click Next to download it.

    This also might be due to the fact that Surface has two graphics cards: a built-in one and a high-performance one. 
    Make sure you have the high-performance graphics card set to run Luminar by default. Refer to Microsoft support if you need help with that.

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    Duc Vu Anh

    Dear Leila,

    Does the high-performance graphics card have impact on Luminar performance. I am using the same machine as Adam but with less RAM (8gb) and found the bottom neck is (1) the CPU (always at 100%), (2) RAM (over 80%). SSD and GPU are hardly use :(

    Please tell me what would be the best to upgrade to improve the Luminar performance, I am planing to build a PC, so your advise is much appreciated. 



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    Leila Evans

    Hi Duc - It depends on your needs. Here are the min system requirements for the app to run -

    But if you have a huge amount of pics, we'd recommend upgrading RAM.

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    Wim Hendrix

    I've been running Luminar recently with 1 eye on my task manager in Windows to figure out what is the bottleneck causing Luminar to be so slow. Couple of things that I found

    1) I have the impression that Luminar 3.1 is eating less RAM than 3.0.2. I have 8GB RAM in my system. With 3.0.2, the Luminar RAM usage was constantly > 6GB. With version 3.1, it seems to be half of that. I'm editing 24MP Canon RAW files, approx. 30GB in file size.

    2) Luminar puts indeed a relatively high load on the CPU it seems. I see the CPU load for Luminar regularly at 50% or more.

    3) I'm running Luminar on a Dell XPS15 with integrated GFX as well as Nvidia GTX1050Ti. Looking at Windows task manager while applying filters, masks, ... in Luminar, I noticed that the GPU was kicking in but Luminar constantly selecting the on-board Intel GPU. Through NVidia Control Panel, I forced Luminar to use the Nvidia GTX1050Ti and in my experience this makes Luminar noticeably faster. Especially masks are much quicker to paint with a brush (no lag as I was experiencing when using the integrated Intel GFX) and I have the impression filters in general are rendered quicker as well.

    I have no explanation why Luminar seems to prefer the onboard Intel GFX over the dedicated GFX card. It might be an issue with Luminar, or the Nvidia drivers but at least the Nvidia drivers allowed me to force Luminar to use the dedicated GFX card with positive effects on performance.

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    @Leila Evans - ty for the response. All of the suggestions made were followed with little noticeable improvement.  I will keep checking in. This software is SOOO close.  It was running so much better prior to library, but library was SO important to replacing lightroom.  All of that said, is there a  means of turning off library function for the moment if that is my problem that is making my surface pro 6 so slow.


    Other ideas, please?  I am still at 20 seconds sometimes for an image to simply open up for editing. Exposure adjustment is similar (all references for surface pro).  I KNOW this thing can run better and faster than Lightroom.  I have seen it.  Tell me what else I need to try.  


    Ty again.

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    Will say that FLEX is VERY nimble and snappy with speed and edits, but now (of course) miss the library element.  Is there any way to retain the edits I make in FLEX and have them later show up in the library module if that module ever speeds up?  Flex seems usable compared to Luminar 3.  Interesting.

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    Terry Rogers

    Hi Adam,

    Please try reinstalling Luminar 3. Follow the steps below:

    Uninstall Luminar.

    How to uninstall an app on Windows 10: 

    Clear your registry:

    • Visit
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the table and click Download from in the first column.
    • Once the download has finished, launch the file and install CCleaner on your computer.
    • Launch CCleaner.
    • Click Registry on the left.
    • Click Scan for Issues in the lower left. Wait for the scan to finish.
    • After the scan has finished, click Fix Selected Issues in the lower right.
    • Close CCleaner.

    Reboot your PC.

    Download the latest version of Luminar from here:

    Once the installer has finished downloading, locate it in your Downloads folder (or wherever you chose to save it), right-click the file, and click Run As Administrator. A prompt may appear asking you whether you wish to confirm your action, click Yes and wait for the installer to load. Then, follow the instructions on the screen.

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    Wim Hendrix

    @Terry, see my comment on another topic as well.

    Please explain why a re-install of Luminar is expected to fix anything? I feel Luminar users are taking risks uninstalling, potentially losing edits/data and there is no explanation whatsoever why a re-install is expected to fix the issues that are raised.

    So please explain why these steps are needed in the first place and why Luminar is not coming out with a patch to properly fix things.

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    Terry Rogers

    Hi Wim, re-installing Luminar and cleaning your Registry won't get you to lose your edits. Our technical department always recommends to re-install the software if there are performance issues. However, we will notify our developers team regarding the patch fix that would come in an installer file. Besides, you can always contact us at if you need more help.

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