Library view - pictures in thumbnail view have a blue haze



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    Kate Williams

    Hi Michel,

    Thanks for reaching out. 

    Please note that Luminar 3 generates the Previews on the base of the embedded JPEGs (RAWs contain what's called an embedded JPEG - it's a JPEG with automatic adjustments applied by the camera) but when you switch to the Edit mode, it uploads the RAW file thus showing you the file as it is. 

    Moreover, please note that Luminar 3 is color managed. It means that Luminar 3 interprets which color profile is selected on your OS  and adjusts to it. You may try removing the calibrated profile to see whether it changes the situation. 

    If you would like us to investigate it further, please, reach us at and paste the link to this thread in the request. 


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    Michel Callewaert


    I only observe this issue with Luminar. All other softwares I tried, use are showing the photo previews correctly. Nikon ViexNX-i, Adobe Lightroom, Synology Photo station,....

    And also, it is not only the RAW images who are affected also JPEG show this behaviour.

    Windows colour space set to AdobeRGB as Benq monitor has a hardware calibration inside the monitor (so it does not use the windows icm profile)



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