Exports (both standalone and PS-plugin) look different to what Luminar was showing



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    Terry Rogers

    Hi. Please contact us via https://skylum.com/support and we will do our best to help you resolve this issue.

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    Joris Mak

    For everyone else reading this topic, after a (quite long) multi-day exchange with the Skylum support team, this easy is closed by them but _not_ resolved.


    Luminar for Windows just simply does _not_ use any kind of color management while displaying the image.


    Suggestions from the support team to use a different profile while exporting and making sure the windows working space was set to sRGB clearly show that they don't seem to get what the issue is.


    Luminar (2018 and 3) are simply converting the image to sRGB internally, and then displaying it as is. _NOT_ taking your display-profile into account.


    I could (somewhat) understand if there were problems detecting the correct profile in a multi-monitor setup, but also in a fresh boot on a single monitor this is happening.


    The only way to work (more or less) color-correct is to use DisplayCAL to make a .cube 3d-lut from your display-profile (not including the VCGT ramps) and then in Luminar have a lut-lookup filter at the very end of the chain with this lut loaded.

    Then when exporting, remember to turn the lut off again...


    This makes using layers basically impossible (or you have to move the lut-filter every time you make a new layer or something).


    Creating a layer with just the lut-filter sitting on top also doesn't work, since the lut-effect is then only displayed if that layer is active.. while working on layers below the lut isn't displayed so you have no color-correct display again.


    All in all, I don't know what is worse. Skylum claiming Luminar for Windows is color-managed while it clearly isn't, or the fact that they don't seem to get what color-management means.


    (PS: I get how this is happening. On MacOS, the OS does the 'taking care of display profile rendering'. So as application, you just have to render a sRGB image, and the OS will make sure it looks correct with the selected profile.

    With Windows, software has to do this themselves, which Skylum clearly doesn't and they probably didn't know. Which shows how they went into Windows development, apparently hasted and without much clue).

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