I just uploaded Luminar 3.1 but where are the Lightroom and Photoshop plugins?


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    Vereslavska Anna Veres

    Hi Larry,

     Please note that Luminar 3 was developed to be used in a standalone mode.

    In case if you want to use Luminar as a plugin you need to work with Luminar Flex.

    Luminar 3 has a powerful digital asset management feature that allows you to store, organize and manage your photo collection. Luminar Flex is designed to work as a plugin with applications like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Apple Aperture, and Apple Photos. 

    Luminar Flex is free of charge for all Luminar 2018 owners and those who purchased Luminar 3 before April 5. 

    If I understand right, you own Luminar 2018, then you can activate Luminar Flex with your activation code for Luminar 2018. 

    If you still don't have Luminar Flex installed please use one of the links below to download Luminar Flex.

    For MacOS:


    For Windows:


    Here's how to install Luminar Flex:

    1. Click the download link above.
    2. Locate the installer in your Downloads folder. You may need to unzip the installer before running it.
    3. Be sure to close out of any opened programs.
    4. Double-click LuminarFlexInstaller.zip (for Mac) or LuminarFlex_Setup.exe (for Windows) to launch the installer application and begin the installation process.
    5. You may need to grant the installer permission to proceed. Review and agree to the License Agreement.
    6. You can change the destination to install the Luminar Flex or accept the recommended default location. Ensure ‘Install as a plugin’ is checked and click the Install button to start the installer, then follow along with the onscreen installation guide.


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