How to backup photos with editing history


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    Kate Williams


    Thanks for reaching out. 

    Please note that if you have copied the folder to another disk and added that copy to Luminar 3 as a new folder, no edits will be preserved, since, technically, you are adding a new folder and new copies of the files. All edits are preserved in the catalog, and Luminar does not modify the original files. 

    However, if you have moved the folder to another drive, and it's shown with the warning triangle, you may try to locate it in the following way: 

    • Right-click on a folder in Luminar 3
    • Choose Locate Folder from the menu
    • Find and point to the missing folder

    You may create regular manual backups of your catalog via File>Catalog>Backup. Moreover, there are automatic backups that are created when the app starts and closes as well as every 30 minutes. 

    If you would like us to investigate the issue in a more scrupulous way, please, get in touch with us via and paste the link to this thread. 

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