MASK Features/Editing Tools we need to see in Aurora



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    Terry Rogers

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your valuable feature suggestions. We will inform our developers team so they can consider them for our future releases. By the way, have you tried using Luminar 3 as a plug-in for Aurora? It does have the new Accent AI 2.0 tool after the 3.1 update which may help you with your editing. Please contact us via if you need any kind of technical help or would like to request a feature. 

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    Robin Watts

    Just to add my 2c here; Michael is absolutely right in that the existing masking tools are painful to use. I'd love to see a lasso tool (or even just a polygon thing). I have asked separately for a "flood fill" type thing, because that'd be (I think) relatively easy to implement, but that doesn't detract from the need for things asked for in this post.


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    Kate Williams

    Hi Robin, 

    That's a great suggestion - I totally see why you would like to have that. 

    A Polygonal Lasso tool is currently available as one of the options in the Erase Tool on Mac, but we will surely consider adding this feature to masks in both Windows and Mac versions in the future. 

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