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    Jeff Reynolds

    It is actually worse. There needs to be feature-parity (except the library) between the two. Luminar Flex looks and feels like Luminar 2 and is probably what it is. Doesn't have the same filters, looks, etc. Controls are in different places.

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    Vereslavska Anna Veres

    Hi Everyone, 

    Luminar Flex is a separate programme, therefore, there are some differences. 

    Please try the following:

    1. Launch Luminar 2018 / Luminar 3.
    2. Click File > Show Luminar Looks Folder.
    3. Copy .lmp files and save them somewhere where you can easily find them.
    4. Close Luminar 2018 / Luminar 3.
    5. Launch Luminar Flex.
    6. Click File > Show Luminar Looks Folder.
    7. Paste the .lmp files that you saved in Step 3 into the folder that you’ve opened in Step 6. 



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