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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Yoni,

    Aurora HDR 2019 needs to be updated before it can support Luminar 3. While we're preparing the update, you can try the following solution:

    1. Open a photo in Aurora.
    2. Click Plugins >  Other > Open Plugin.
    3. Navigate to the folder where your copy of Luminar 3 is installed. By default it's C:\Program Files\Skylum\Luminar 3.
    4. Double-click Luminar3.8bf. Luminar 3 should open as a plugin in Aurora.

    You can find instructions on accessing Aurora HDR 2019 from Luminar 3 here:

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    Christopher Ober

    The instructions state:

    1. Select an image.
    2. From the menu bar select Edit > Plugins > and select a plugin.

    The only options under Edit are Undo and Redo. Version I have fully licensed Luminar 3 and Aurora 2019.

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    Sur .

    I found the same thing, the instructions work to open Luminar 3 from Aurora HDR 2019, but not from Luminar 3 to Aurora

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    Yoni Ross

    Tried it (opening Lu from within Au), took a long time, and eventually Windows gave me the "Program is taking a long time to respond, close it or wait" window. (If it matters, both my Lu and Au are licensed at this point.)

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    Anna Veres

    Hi Everybody, 

    I am sorry to say but for now, there is functionality on Windows to use Luminar 3 as a plugin to Aurora HDR 2019 but not vice versa. 

    We will do our best to add the possibility to use Aurora HDR 2019 as a plugin to Luminar in the future updates. 


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