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    Dmytro B.

    Hi Bob, Luminar 3 does not have a dedicated printing module at the moment, it uses a standard printing module of your operating system. Unfortunately, it might be quite difficult to get accurate printing results using it, therefore we recommend using 3rd party software.  

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    Jason Mills

    Hi Dmytro,

    What 3rd party software do you recommend?  (Windows)

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Jason,

    Most camera and printer manufacturers have software you can download for free as a companion to your equipment. For instance Canon has the Print Studio Pro as a companion app to their printers.

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    Matthew Sutton

    Hi Angela, I've also come up against the same problem as Bob. I'm using a Canon Pixma ip8750. The Canon website states that print studio pro isn't compatible with  the  ip8750. Which software is best for printing with this printer and are there any plans to include a print module in future versions of Luminar. Thanks.

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    Kirk Osborn

    Luminar 3 uses your OS's printing dialog. For more advanced printing options I'd recommend exporting an image in TIFF from Luminar and using a third-party app that has advanced printing settings. However, we'll consider developing more advanced printing dialog for our apps in the future.

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