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    Rüdiger Barz

    Support says, in an email to me, no MSI-installer avaible.
    I have the same problems with the FLEX-installer as with L3 or L2018 installer.

    ... installer did not recognize the .NET on Windows 10. For me, there is nothing changed. But the Luminar Team told in the past: we are working on that error and will fix it ... 

    For now it is not fixed. And support please don't tell me to update my windows, close any opened programs or close the antivirus. ... that's gossip for me. We need sturdy information and solutions.


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    Vereslavska Anna Veres


    I am sorry for the inconvenience. 

    MSI will be available soon.

    For now, please try the following solutions:

    > disabling antivirus software/Windows Defender/Firewalls;

    > alternative Internet connection;

    > VPN client. 

    I hope it helps. 

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