Better (and reeditable) masking



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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Javier,

    Thank you for your suggestions! I will share your feedback with our developers.

    With regard to coming back to a mask to refine it, you can do so by re-activating the brush tool on a given layer or filter.

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    Javier Falcón

    Thanks for your feedback, Angela!

    I have just realized about the ability to reedit currently(previously defined) mask. Honestly, I am not sure now about how/why I was missing that capability, maybe it's just my fault, I was confussed and couldn't remember the actual behaviour correctly at the time of posting the thread. Or maybe it was a very specific combination that reproduces the issue (e.g.applying a brush mask and then a luminosity mask, I'm not sure now but in my mind I was convinced to having suffered the loose of a previous mask, I will try ro reproduce it).
    Besides I am sorry (and surprised) since I have just detected that, at least in my desktop PC at (on Windows 10) the Shift key+mouse scroll combination indeed allows me to resize the brush. Maybe it was a matter of performance or similar issue on my laptop(sometimes Luminar 3 hungs/lags there). Obviously it's working as I expected and I am very happy and alliviated about it.

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