Communication on the status of the suggested improvements



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    Steve Ratts

    Pierre I feel the same way. We make suggestions and ask for necessary and important things, we get either silence or a polite but vacuous "I will pass your suggestion on to our developers".

    It would be great to see some of these materialize on the woefully maintained roadmap. I think we deserve at least the courtesy of an honest reply indicating if or when we might expect various things.

    Thanks for asking for this. I hope they listen *and act* on it!


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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi guys! Thanks for your comments on this. We always pass your suggestions to our developers. Still, I understand how handy it would be for you to have such an overview.
    We will consider it :)

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    pierre lion

    Thanks for your fast reaction. 

    I join you also herewith a link to a nice example of double way communication in a similar community. Please be inspired!

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    Juan José Ortiz Soler

    I completely agree. Luminar 3 is a good RAW developer, but it seems that developers are more aware that it works with other programs such as Adobe than in Luminar's research and feature expansion. 3. If our requests are not answered, surely in the end people will leave. . New in other programs.

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    michael mills

    ABSOLUTELY!!!! I've been asking for something similiar for MONTHS. We end users need to see the list of defects and their work arounds (if any) so we can avoid issues in our work flow AND that list should also identify a "target" date for a fix. This should be combined with a "roadmap" for future enhancements, be they from the end user community or from the product/development team. If we end users can partner with the Skylum team on priorities, I'm certain the resultant product will be beyond everyone's wildest dreams!   :)


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