Please iPad version



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    Dmytro B.

    Hi! Thanks for your suggestion. Even though we're currently not planning to develop an iOS version of Luminar, we might change our plans in the future. 

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    Matthieu Miranda

    you can’t avoid to go to iOS for ipad Pro or you will get very quickly beaten by the competition as there is awesome Affinity, photoshop, pixelmator application already on ipad.

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    Ping Chou

    I think not planning an accompanying iPad version is suicide. I want to be able to use both seamlessly. Many times when I travel, I want to go fast and light and don't want to bring my laptop with me. Not having an iPad version is a HUGE inconvenience. I may have to go back to Lightroom as much as I hate Adobe. I want Luminar to succeed because I like the underdog, but if this is their response to progress and the future of editing, then they won't be the underdog, they will be extinct.

    So, please tell me if I should leave and go to the competition because you guys are too near sighted

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    Adam Mann

    Would love to see an iPad version, specially if it can work with something like the GNARBOX v2.0. Adobe already has Lightroom for iPad as well as PS. Affinity has Photo and Designer.

    iPad is a no brainier really specially with a cloud sync (which is on your roadmap) already

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    Tim Ueltzen

    I'm looking for a Adobe replacement and being able to use my iPad pro to edit is a major factor in my decision. I was liking the way Luminar was looking until I found out the iPad was not an option. 

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    Marcus Schumann

    This is a HUGE negative for me. Being out in the field, I don't bring with my a whole computer, especially with the iPad Pro being as powerful as it is nowadays. With the new iPadOS, it can replace even more of my workflow. I definitely need an iPadOS app for Luminar, otherwise I'll be forced to leave for another app.

    I won't be purchasing the next Luminar version if it doesn't come with iPadOS app, let's just leave it at that. That's how important it is. Please rethink your roadmap ASAP! Otherwise love Luminar!

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    Arnaud DELORME

    Have a look at the Skylum CEO answer here:

    "... we will definitely come out with Luminar for both iPad and iPhone, but only after we release Luminar 4, which is scheduled at the end of this year. And after we release Luminar Cloud, which will be in beta testing in July. Right now, we already have several prototypes of Luminar for mobile platforms, but we want to make sure that we come out with exactly those features that will bring additional value to users – that will bring something new to photographers and artists. And once we have these new, unique, and interesting solutions ready, it won’t matter how many apps already exist on the market since we’ll bring people something that no one else has given. Skylum’s philosophy is not to copy, not to duplicate, but to create and introduce new value. And we are now forming this value... "

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    K.G. Wuensch

    Does the Skylum CEO mean like Luminar is a complete and utter dud in the realm of organization because they "rethought what a DAM should be like?

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