Dedication to Ongoing Camera Support?



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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Our developers are working around the clock to implement the support of .CR3 file format. There are some technical difficulties, but we are investigating the best way to overcome them.

    For now, we recommend you to install Adobe DNG Converter and convert your .CR3 RAW files to DNG file format (which is supported by Luminar). 

    Please use one of the links below to download Adobe DNG Converter:

    For Mac OS: 

    For Windows: 

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    Jeffrey Hedrick

    Appreciate the response, Angela. This is one area where Skylum seems to get things done quickly. I know about the workaround and had used it temporarily, but was only planning on using for a few months, not over 8 months since I last inquired. My main reason for choosing Skylum was so that I didn't have to join the subscription service for Lightroom to be able to edit my .CR3 files. The workaround for Skylum isn't really a benefit since I can do the same in Lightroom. The Canon EOS M50 was the best selling camera in Japan recently and still ranks near the top. Anyway, hopefully it gets done soon. The waiting game is really frustrating.

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