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    Duc Vu Anh

    We need the Aurora 2019 update that support Nikon Z6/Z7 raw file :( Tks much

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    Chris Mockett

    we need support for Xt3 raw files


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    Anastasia Davis

    Hey guys! Thanks for your feedback. We are working so to add new these models support in the next update :)

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    Moortgat Leo

    tried aurora for several days, keeps crashing on win10.
    crashes when generating HDR preview, or if the HDR worked, it crashed when saving/exporting.
    a pitty :-( beacause it looked promising

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Moortgat,

    I'm very sorry to hear that! Please contact us at www.skylum.com/support and we'll investigate the issue. If your trial has already ended we can reset it for you so you have ample time to test.

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    Moortgat Leo

    @angela just contacted technical support via the link you gave


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    Max Greco

    @Angela, with the greatest respect, I'm slowly losing any hope to own a copy of Aurora HDR that does not crash.

    Please correct me if I am wrong but problems related to crashes have been reported at least 6 months ago. Nothing has been done to fix the bug(s) that make Aurora crash when it opens native files containing crop and/or rotation. By now, technical support should have an encyclopaedia of cases.

    I hope to see a fix in the near future but if I'm not holding my breath.

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    Maryna Skylum

    We suspect that the issue has something to do with the Windows update.

     In order for us to verify this, could you please send us event logs:

    1. Try to start Aurora HDR 2019.
    2. Press the Windows logo key + R.
    3. Type eventvwr in the dialog box that opens and hit Enter on your keyboard.
    4. In the window that opens click the triangle next to Windows Logs on the left. A directory tree should open.
    5. Click Application in the directory tree. 
    6. In the main part of the window find the two topmost entries marked with Error named Application Error and .NET Runtime.
    7. Hold CTRL and click your left mouse button on each entry to select them both.
    8. Right-click on any of the two selected entries  and click Save Selected Events.
    9. Name the file, save it, and send it to us at support@skylum.com.
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    Duc Vu Anh

    it has been a month and no news about the update of Aurora 2019? What the point to ask for feedback? No time, deadline mentioned? 

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    Chrislab100 .


    It seems that Aurora 2019 for Windows has not some (minor fonctions) items .... which are avaible for Mac

    I realise that when looking at Serge Ramelli video Tutoriel

    Exemple : When you search for Black/white point if you press on Alt you have the display of a white window  showing the black/white areas ....... That is not avaible for Windows ...... and for a few others minor items it is the same

    Even if theese differences are minor  ,  it is not pleasant for Windows users

    Thank you for your attention


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    Chrislab100 .


    Same subjet : Aurora 2019 on Window 10 and some missing fonctions compare to Mac

    Also I notice ( through a tuto of Abba Shapiro ....I suppose he is on Mac)) that for "adjustable gradient" the fonction "start orientation" is not avaible in the easy way ...... I mean 3 lignes appearing on the image ... very easy to manage (like in LR)

    I have "orientation" and  under 3 options : 

    Fusionner / Horizontalshift / Rotation  ......Of course it comes to the same but in a very difficult and inconfortable way

    Really  it's very unpleasant to see video tutoriel (made on mac)  and realise that because on Windows some fonctions are not avaible

    I hope Skylum will correct that unfair situation


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    Kirk Osborn

    We have passed on this info to our tech team and they'll fix some of the issues in the next update. Thanks for trying to make our apps better.

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    Erwin Kargl

    Why maintain 2 big applications ... merge the HDR functionality with Luminar 4!!!


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