Destructive editing/two export options



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    Maryna Skylum

    Thank you, that’s a great suggestion.

    I could definitely see how you would want to have this feature. 

    Right now, we don’t have anything like that in place.  Hopefully, we will do so in the future. I’ll speak with our engineering team about this.

    Have a great rest of your day!

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    Bryan Sturdy

    Hi - I've just purchased Luminar and am considering (finally) moving away from Picasa.  This is one of the features that Picasa has that is very useful.  Ideally there would be a Save option which (the first time it is used for an image) would firstly copy the original file to a (hidden) backup sub-directory (say .LuminarOriginals) so a backup is kept and then save the edited version in the original's place with the same name.  This is really useful for persisting edits so they can be seen outside Luminar (I have all my photos on a NAS) and those edited versions can then easily be used in other applications..  

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