Luminar 3.0.2 Test Notes



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    Anna V

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for your feedback and your suggestions. 

    We highly appreciate that. I will forward your ideas to the person in charge for further consideration.

    Concerning your questions:

    Why can I not close a catalog? 

    You can open the new one via File > Catalog > New and in this way, the previous one is automatically closed and the new catalog without photos is created.

    Why can I not disable or turn off cataloging completely? What makes Skylum think that everyone wants or needs a DAM that covers every photo on every system, across multiple drives and removable drives? The ability to disable or turn off cataloging is of considerable importance.

    What catalog is kept where, for "quick edit" mode? Because it appears that Luminar 3 doesn't know how to function without some sort of catalog somewhere.

    Skylum has thought about the users who don't want to use the Catalog and add the whole folder of the photos and organize them in the Catalog. This is the reason why there is a feature to open a single photo for a Quick Edits. Yes, the photos you add via File > Open for Quick Edits are still stored in the Catalog, in a special section called "Quick Edits". However, in this way you have in your "catalog" only the photos you are working with and nobody forces you to add thousands of images. 

    Again, I do not keep a catalog in c:\users\{user}\pictures. That is not a place to keep anything, much less a photo catalog. It should be no trouble whatsoever for Luminar 3 to ASK a user where they want to put a catalog, rather than simply assuming. Such an assumption helps nothing, and contributes to a user hostile environment.

    Thank you for the suggestion. It has been already forwarded. 

    What catalog is in use when Luminar 3 starts? What if the last catalog the program used was on removable media?

    Could you please specify this statement in a more detailed way? 

    In case if you have added the photos from the external drive, with the next launch if you haven't connected the external drive, you will be able to see only the thumbnails. 

    Why can't I tell Luminar 3 to simply use a given drive for its catalog? Why must I specify a file name, which apparently turns out to be a subdirectory name? If I want to tell Luminar 3 that its “master” catalog should be on drive U:, why do I need to say anything else? And note that “U:\.” is a completely well-formed directory name. (This would mostly be important for RAM disk considerations – Startup, etc.

    You can add to your library the whole drive U:, even though we don't recommend it. However, the Luminar Catalog folder needs to be created so your edits, previews, and cache could be stored there. 

    What sort of "database" package is being used for the DAM? Is it SQL based, or something that's custom, created by Skylum developers? If SQL, then from what vendor, please? I know it will continue to grow as different photos change, with multiple versions of thumbnails for the same image as more changes are made to it. Are those multiple thumbnails really necessary? Is there “memory” leakage?

    I am sorry to say but I am not able to disclose this info. 

    If there are any issues you are able to reproduce, please contact us at so we could investigate them in a more detailed way. 



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    Kenneth Roach

    Thank you for the reply, Anna. I've done additional testing over the past two hours, and discovered "different behavior." It will take me some time to think about this and document it in an appropriate way. It is now after midnight where I live, however. Please give me a day or two.


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