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    Andy H

    I fully agree with being respectful on this forum and ensuring only genuine customers are contributing, but prohibiting community members from even mentioning competing software? This clearly shows you must have low confidence not only in your own product, but also your Customers loyalty if you're worrying about that. Most community members will be well aware of the alternatives and this petty reaction to folks just trying to help each other out is so unnecessary. I know it's helped me draw the conclusion that my custom will be better off elsewhere in the future.

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    Merle Becker

    @ Angela - Can I please just get my FREE Download of L3 w/o going through a trial version.I have submitted several requests outlining a number of issues that I have had with prior attempts.  Pls reference my detailed note to Anastasia regarding Blacked out Boxes in both the Library and Edit panels.  I went through an exhaustive review of all my files checking for typos or possible strange characters as Matt Suess recmd.

    I then cleaned out everything related to the initial troubled download.  I did not upload the January Hot Patch deciding to wait for the promised improved version.  I continued with L2018 and Aurora 19. (both pretty smooth).  I am now ready to try once again to achieve a successful download and activation.

    I use Windows 10 PC and a Fuji XT-2 & Fuji only lens.

    I have watched videos endlessly (Jim Nix and Anthony are great assets for you) and committed hours to not try to bother you guys until I had researched and tried every possibility recommended or suggested in the Users Guide and Forum!!

    I have read the users manual and although I have a Masters Degree I am not a techie.

    Now, that I have cleaned everything on my PC that could possibly created the same Black Box situation or other problems I tried again to download and activate L3. All I have gotten is a Pop Up directly to L3 without going through the intro and designation of the Catalog and Library location  or  nothing (no files or folders) in it.  Or I get a reference to activate a trial version or payment request!!!  Respectively, I do not want a trial version.  I would like to try to avoid being charged again later for L3.  

    Pls where do I go, - - There has to be some location for a direct download of the real software w/o all of the fanfare. I tried my L2018 registration, signing in everywhere I could, - - to get a real download of the product. but can not.  HELP



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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Merle,

    I'm very sorry for the frustration in getting the software download. In the future you can always download your purchased software from the My Software section in your Skylum account on our website.

    For now, here are the download links for Luminar 3:



    Please note that upon initial install you'll see the button to buy the software. After your initial setup is complete, quit and relaunch the software and you'll be prompted to enter your activation code. You can find the code in your Skylum Account or by contacting us at

    Let me know if I can provide any other info.

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