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    Kenneth Roach

    Well... I agree that at first glance, the email seemed in somewhat poor taste. I had deleted it without opening it, but your post made me retrieve it from the trash and actually open it and look at it. Other than ads for Luminar, Aurora, and photolemur, the "book" doesn't appear to be trying to sell me anything. It just lists 30 places with a paragraph about each one, and a "photo tip" or idea kind of thing for taking pics in each location. I dunno... I guess some of the places may be reasonably near wherever we each might reside, but otherwise, I think I am unlikely to visit the Matterhorn, or Charleston, SC.

    As for the "gullible cash cows" part of your comment, With a discount code, I paid $49.99 for Luminar 2018 with the promise of a free upgrade to the next version, and free updates throughout 2019. What's that... lunch money at Chick-fil-A for four days? I've hardly given Skylum a great deal of money here... Nor do I feel particularly gullible.

    There remains a great deal about Luminar 3 not to like. I will take a look at the next release, but imagine it to still be semi-unusable, and likely to continue having a user hostile interface (I don't care for their buggy DAM). But never say never... Maybe it will be as good as it's going to get 2-3 releases from now. Wait and see. In the meantime, I can continue to use Luminar 2018.

    Too, I did finally decide to become a paying customer for the "ON1 Photo Raw 2019" application... Their "2019.2" release seemed much better to me. But that program too, is far from perfect. Lots of irritating little matters. I am annoyed, for example, that when selecting a preset in ON1, one doesn't get to see what settings were applied. Each of the presets in Luminar, OTOH, presents all the settings/adjustments. Of course with Luminar, if you tweak a photo and then select a preset, all your tweaks will be wiped out. With ON1, OTOH, if you tweak a pic and then select a preset, that preset's settings are somehow added to your tweaks instead of wiping them out.

    The price I paid for ON1 was $69.99, so together, ON1 and Luminar 2018/Luminar 3 have set me back a cool $120US or so. That's pretty light. I'd feel much more like a "gullible cash cow" if I were giving Adobe $20-40US per more, each and every month, for the "privilege" of using their programs. Too, when you bitch at Adobe about their crappy programs not working right, no one really pays any attention. Skylum, at least, does listen. Plenty of posts in these "Skylum Support" pages demonstrate that.

    But just my opinion(s) here... Everyone should feel free to switch to the monthly rental of lightroom and photoshop, and maybe pay more to be able to put your stuff into "Adobe cloud," or whatever it's called. I'm guessing that for $60US per month, Adobe would even throw in their video app.

    Luminar is very far from perfect, but if Skylum is trying to "milk us for all we're worth," they seem to be doing an exceptionally poor job of it.

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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi Michael! If you didn't like our email that is ok, it is up to you. The sad thing is that you don't believe in us. We are doing our best for our customers and that is not just words. We are working so to improve our products and give you the best software possible.

    @Kenneth Indeed, there are some drawbacks in Luminar at the moment. We are aware of them and will try to fix them as soon as possible. I am sure that one day you will be satisfied with Luminar to the fullest. 

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