It's no longer Early February



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    Phil Hurd

    Colin, they are all at it!

    Picked up from Digital Camera World . . . . . .  "Latest Lightroom update uses the power of machine learning and computational photography to improve raw image resolution"

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    Colin Grant

    Yes I saw that this morning, Phil. I am not surprised to learn that a piece of computer software uses some sort of computational solution but the AI part leaves me astounded. I tried in on one of my nefs and never saw any difference so perhaps it is really there for Fuji stuff. Still see it as marketing hype and presumably the thing is using some sort of averaging based on the users images. I see nothing intelligent in that :-)


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    Andy H

    AI is definitely a marketing strategy. To me different firms have differing levels of intelligence in how they apply it. In my opinion one firm with a higher level of intelligence is Topaz, they’ve been doing this stuff for years and some of their AI products (like AI Clear) are seriously clever and very effective. Not sure where I’d put Adobe and Skylum on that spectrum though.

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