Using plugins with Luminar



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    Vance Zachary

    If you use Windows, there is no way to do this from Luminar yet. In 2017 advertising, they said that this plugin feature would materialize even though it is 2019 and no Windows plug in support even for Skylum's own Aurora 2018 or 2019.

    Aurora HDR does have Windows plugin support so I assume it is coming to Windows Luminar. I would also like to see Affinity photo have plugin support as it can be used as Photoshop plugin but not with Skylum.

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    Roger Backhouse

    I am using a Mac. Sorry i forgot to say that.


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    Helena Carter

    Hello Everyone,

    We'll add support for third-party plugins in one of the future updates for Luminar 3, but currently, there's no ETA for this, since we have encountered some problems with these plugins implementation, still, our developers are working on it.

    Best regards

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