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    Vance Zachary

    Hi, Hector. I mentioned a request for an automated or guided transform tool in Luminar and they affirmed that they are strongly considering it. Then I read they were considering an AI transformation tool. Not sure how well that would work but at least they are considering something along those lines. I'm sure working on the Luminar Libraries is the priority right now. Hope that helps.

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    Colin Grant

    I really am not in favour of all the AI stuff. Anyway what can AI possible add over the existing automatic stuff? But then Skylum love hype rather than substance.

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    Hector Caroselli

    I too am not a fan of AI although I think it has become a lot of hype and the latest buzzword. I am not even sure if we all mean the same thing when we use this latest marketing term.The Guided Transform tool in Lightroom CC is pretty cool. I don't know if it is AI or not but it looks useful. I am hoping Skylum adds something like this, and soon.

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    Colin Grant

    I use Lr. Would never trust the Luminar dam. Will be years if ever before they get anywhere near Lr.

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    marc labro

    yes, please add same auto upright than lightroom with another mode for guides and keystone.

    no AI please, just mimic lightroom, ON1 photo raw and the amazing DXO viewpoint.

    AI takes decisions and we can't change sliders after that, just fade the effect.

    i took lot of pictures of buildings and architectures in Washington and couldn't start with Luminar so i started all retocuhing in lightroom just for better transform tools.

    please add "constrain crop" checkbox to any transform. we spare lot of time with this option in lightroom

    best regards


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    Kate Williams

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for sharing your opinion with us! Passing this message to the team in charge for further discussion. 

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