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    Maryna Skylum

    Hi Chris,

    I'm sorry for the inconveniences.

    Are you on Windows?

    If yes, please, try the following steps to get Luminar up and running:

    1. Make sure Luminar is closed.
    2. Locate your Luminar Catalog folder. The default location is C:\Users\%username%\Pictures\. If you specified a custom location for your catalog, search your custom location.
    3. Remove the Luminar Catalog folder.
    4. Press the Windows logo key + R.
    5. Type %appdata% in the dialog box that opens and press Enter on your keyboard.
    6. In the folder that opens, remove Luminar 3 folder.
    7. Start Luminar. When Luminar prompts you to select a location for the catalog, change the default location of the catalog, i.e. place it somewhere other than your Pictures folder. If you have an apostrophe in the path to your catalog, place the catalog somewhere where there's no apostrophe in the path.

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