Make noise reduction in RAW conversin optional



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    Steve Ratts

    Karl I agree that it would be better if the user has some choice and control over when and how noise reduction is employed. You're right that from time to time noise is an important stylistic element; so in those cases removing control and forcing some approach can be wrong. That said, perhaps you're overstating things just a bit here? You said "Luminar has disqualified itself from any serious image editing tasks that involve the RAW conversion", but perhaps it would be more accurate to say that, with the current design, Luminar is a poor choice for editing images where the photographer wants or needs more control over if or how noise reduction is applied. 100% of what I do in Luminar requires RAW conversion, and for me the current limitation just isn't a terribly big deal. I can certainly see how it would be annoying from time to time for some folks.

    Out of curiosity, what percentage of your own images do you find you need to switch off noise reduction? For me that's a vanishingly small percentage; but perhaps for you it's larger? If for you it's very large, then I suppose that means you've got a truly unique style! Definitely not a bad thing for a photographer; but  to say that because of this Luminar has disqualified itself from any task involving RAW conversion? You might want to give that a bit more thought.



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    K.G. Wuensch

    @Steve, I found some images where the automatism seems to have taken objection not in noise but in the amount of small detail present and then utterly destroys the image. But even on images that need noise reduction, you can't trust it to apply it and thus any processing you may want to do would have to depend on whether or not noise reduction has been applied - but there is no indication except for the introduced artefacts. So to base a workflow on that one must have control, otherwise it is indeed disqualified - not because of the frequency but rather the inconsistency this automatic noise reduction introduces.

    Ever since finding out about this incontinent behaviour I have used Luminar only as a plugin because I couldn't trust it anymore - and after they added the rotten library and changed the RAW conversion without need and without the ability to revert back to the previous processing version I have applied for a refund - but I still have to support friends that on my recommendation bought Luminar and now are stuck with a program that they can't properly use, they are asking for presets from me but they will not work correctly that's why I have decided to make this request.

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