Luminar (3.0.2) -> Aurora Exports the images first instead of opening the RAW images



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    Kirk Osborn

    Please access Luminar 3 from Adobe Lightroom in the following way:

    Right-click on the image > Export > Export to Luminar 3/Luminar 2018 > You have an option to Open Source Files (this will open the original RAW files) or, if you've made any changes in Lightroom that you'd like to transfer over to Luminar 3, you can also choose to Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments (this will convert your image to TIFF in order to preserve changes made in Lightroom).

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    Dave Smith

    I think you misunderstood my issue.

    I can work with Lightroom and Aurora just fine.

    I was raising an issue with trying to do the same thing using Luminar 3. I can choose 3 images (in this example) in Luminar 3 and I would like to open them in Aurora as RAW images. Luminar 3 exports them to TIFFs before opening those in Aurora. I would like to have Luminar 3 send the RAW files to Aurora.

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    Phil Hurd

    Oh dear doesn't sound good does it

    I don't have 3.0.2 yet but I was hoping that it would fix the issue. With 3.0.1 I am dropping my 3 selected images onto the Aurora icon but the downside is that I then have to export the final image before going back to Luminar.

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Dave,

    For now Luminar will send TIFFs to Aurora. I'll share the feedback with our developers and hopefully we can add an option to send the raw files in the future.

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    Phil Hurd

    I don't have 3.0.2 as yet, so I'm confused.Currebtly using RIGHT-CLICK >OPEN IN >AURORA HDR, will only send one image from Luminar to Aurora

    In 3.0.2 I assume you can choose 3 images and then RIGHT-CLICK >OPEN IN >AURORA HDR and all 3 images will transfer but as TIFF files!

    So the interoperability between Luminar and Aurora hasn't been fixed at all then? If I drop the 3 images from Luminar 3 onto the Aurora 2019 HDR icon, they will open in Aurora as RAW files but I then have to export them to my file-system to get the resultant (merged) image back in Luminar. This seems nonsensical when I can send 3 x RAW files from Adobe Lightroom to Aurora but not from Skylum's Luminar to Skylum's Aurora.

    I was really hoping that this would be sorted in this release as promised

    Sorry Angela, I'm not shooting the messenger here but this is not really good enough.

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