Luminar 3.0.2 on Mac is scanning hidden folders resulting in duplicates in the library



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    Steve Ratts

    Yes please! I think there are several great points here

    1. Please either don’t scan hidden folders or give users an option not to scan them
    2. Please show the file names so users can tell which version of the file they’re looking at
    3. Please make it optional if files in sub folders are shown. We may want to switch that off to help organize files and folders

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    Yves Canty

    It's worse than I thought.  I pointed Luminar to my Pictures folder that contains my Apple Photos Library.  Luminar scanned the photos library and is showing me its internal directory structure (database, Masters, resources, proxies, etc.).

    This is really bad since the Apple Photo Library directory structure is off limits to direct access like this.  I'm going to remove my Pictures folder from Luminar before I make a mistake and delete a file that could corrupt my Photos library.

    It took it a long while to scan it too. Maybe that could explain why people on other threads are complaining that Luminar 3.0.2 seems to hang at startup, if it's also scanning their Apple Photos library.

    I'll open a bug with support.

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    Kirk Osborn


    Thanks for your feedback. I'll pass your suggestions to our engineering team.

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