Luminar 3 new versions - but want to use without libraries



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    Tony Collins

    That's not going to work, because all edits are stored in the catalogue. You'd have to have one catalogue per image at the moment.

    Currently L3 doesn't save to LMNR files (they say this will come in an update later) - so the only way now is to use it as a plugin to another program - eg Lightroom or photoshop (probably others but I'm not sure which software can use it as a plugin)

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    Mark Barnes

    Matt Suess has a video on YouTube on how to do this. Here's the link:

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    Peter Ilott

    Thanks Mark and Tony for your comments. I have absolutely how the library system works in this thing, except I now have no trace of what photos I have already done with L18. With the earlier version all i did was "save as" and I was able to retain the original RAW image as well as the edited history version and the completed jpeg version. This work flow system works well for me.

    Mark, I will have a look at the video and see what it does for me - but the briefly updated version of L3 still crashed as soon as I started to scroll the library. I am seriously looking at ditching the program altogether if they don't get it fixed soon!

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Peter,

    If you haven't already, please contact us about the crash issue at and we'll investigate.

    We do have an update coming soon (I'm anticipating next week) which should help.

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