Luminar 3.0.2 Update



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    Greg M.

    Same problem here. When I open L3 as standalone app or as editor in LR it hangs indefinitely and I have to force quit. Is there a link to dl previous versions?


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    Gary Finley

    I have the same problem. 3.0.2 freezes in the process of converting my photo library.

    Tried several re-start attempts. Deleted and re-downloaded, twice. Same result.

    Looks like there wasn't enough testing before this "upgrade" went out for download.


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    Garry Stewart

    Same here, not good. :-(

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    Rod Ralston

    Good to know I'm not alone.  Bad to know that the update has bugs. Too keen to push out updates?

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    Greg M.

    I was able to make it work by renaming the "Luminar Catalog.luminar" file to "OLD_Luminar Catalog.luminar," restart L3 and let it rebuild a new catalog. 

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    Greg M.

    @Mike Miles Thanks, I don't know how to "delete all images except one". Anyway it works now after renaming and rebuilding the catalog. 

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is some info on 3.0.2:

    In the meantime, if you would like to revert to 3.0.1 here are instructions:

    Download AppCleaner from here:

    AppCleaner is a free app that automatically removes not only the applications themselves but also the related files, making 'clean' uninstall easy.

    When removing Luminar 3, mark all the files and folders in the list, except for

    Once you're done uninstalling the app, restart your Mac and download a fresh version from here:

    If you need help with the installation, check out this page:


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    Yep, same problem here. 

    Luminar 3 is truly awful software. I bought Luminar 2018 last year and was looking forward to the "update". I really wish I hadn't bought it now. 

    I installed v3 when it came out and it was unusable so uninstalled. I've just reinstalled it thinking the problem must have been sorted but no...

    If I was trying a trial version I certainly wouldn't be buying.

    Going back to 2018.



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