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    Klaus-Peter Marquass

    Me again - due to my initial rage I wrote my first comment about the photo library feature in Luminar 3 in German. I simply had to let off steam after what I experienced: the (almost) total loss of the folder-substructure of my Pictures-folder, because I started the cataloguing by Luminar 3 of the said folder on my HDD. Fortunately enough I had a back-up version of the Pictures folder just a few days old which I am now transferring back to the Pictures folder in my user account.

    In the meantime I manually deleted every trace of Luminar 3 I could get hold (from Applications, Library etc). After my experience I can only advise against using Luminar 3. The huge problems you may encounter is not worth it. In my case it was as if about 120,000 pictures (previously all neatly structured in subfolders in my Pictures folder according to the dates and places when and where the pictures were taken) had been taken out their individual boxes and all dumped on a heap in the middle of the room.

    If you need to use Luminar 3 (which again I advise against) try not to use the library feature, if that is at all possible.

    I've been using Macphun products for many years and was very happy with them (all those individual predecessor-apps of what then became Luminar). I did like Luminar when it was first released and used it here and there - not very consistently though. But I think if they are not coming up with a solid and safe-to-use version in the forseeable future (definitely before this coming summer) I will chuck Luminar for good. There are other apps in the market. I would regret it though because I found the basic concept of Luminar appealing and easy to pick up. But if - instead of assisting you in the handling of your pictures - specific features are destroying what you developed over the course of years then it's simply no good any more and a waste of time and money.

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    Klaus-Peter Marquass

    @ Mike Miles:

    Yes, I am actually preparing to try ON1 these days. I got the hint from a German blogger who happens to use the same cameras as I do and he seemed to be quite pleased with ON1. So I decided to give it a try - which I'm about to do. But you are right Luminar was easy to use. I will most likely stick with Luminar 2018 when need arises and turn to ON1, if it convinces me as well.

    To my surprise today I had a lengthy e-mail-communication with the guys from Skylum support. After having read many postings in this forum complaining about half-cocked releases, buggy and bumpy, I told them, to be frank with their customers and rather withdraw another half-cocked release instead of angering even more customers for good and do some solid homework and tackle the bulk of problems that are mentioned here and then publish the next release as a reliable version which has the potential to amaze users positively once more. There were some suggestions to this end in this forum - and even a remark by a software developer who told them: programming this library feature is a considerable challenge. You need to know jolly well what you are doing (and obviously regarding my experience they didn't know what they did). So I suggested they should retract this library thing until they got solid expertise to tackle it once more. Of course this would be hurtful after you came out with tthis specific feature to give Luminar a boost. But what is the use if Luminar goes bust this way because they just cannot master the challenge. Then we are loosing a nice image processing app with good potential and a software developing company that at least communicates with their customers (as opposed to some others who don't care about customer feedback; I don't want to mention them publicly). Yes I consent again: the ease of use and the concept of Luminar was appealing to me and I begged them to retain what they were good at: a usable piece of software for image processing. This is how they successfully started after all. I hope they are not bent on ruining it by more hasty panicky releases which bring more harm then help.

    Thanks for your hint regarding ON1.

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    K.G. Wuensch

    Hi Klaus-Peter,

    I may be the software developer whose comment you read - and it doesn‘t seem to be that they have the b*lls to retract the mess, so IMHO they‘ll sink the ship, at current the holes are well below the water line...

    The upcoming 3.0.2 release as released to the public in Australia/Canada half heartedly fixes some bugs but according to the unsuspecting testers it introduces new crashes in the fixes and new problems in the database, resulting in data loss - so if Luminar were a ship they closed some holes but did so by taking the patches to do so from lower down on the hull...

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