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    Vance Zachary

    Probably not. You can have a workflow with native or DNG Raw format.

    Some may prefer DNG for other reasons such as smaller file size for storage but the extra step to convert is really not necessary as long as your camera is supported.

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    Fred Lüdemann

    Every RAW converter and every DNG converter (including the Adobe DNG converter) handles the RAW files of the cameras in a special way of its own. The demosaicing of RAW files is done differently in each RAW converter and in each DNG converter. Each of these converters interprets the RAW files of the camera differently.

    Because I am very dissatisfied with the sharpening result of the RAW files of my camera (Olympus E-m5) in Luminar I first open the RAW files of my Olympus camera in DxO-Photolab. There I only make settings for sharpening, denoising and lens correction and then export a DNG file.
    I then open this DNG file in Luminar and can work with it as usual. So I get a much better sharpened file.

    I like to work with Luminar - but the sharpening results for my Olympus camera are unfortunately very bad.

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    Lutz Lange

    Dazu kann ich folgendes sagen.

    Ich habe eine Nikon D5100 und  habe die RAW Dateien in DNG umgewandelt. Das erste was mir auffiel die automatische Objektiv Korrektur in Luminar 3 funktioniert mit den DNG deutlich besser als mit den originalen Raw. 

    Allerdings beim Export in Jpeg verblassen die Farben und die Brillanz der Bilder ist deutlich schlechter als bei den bearbeiteten DNG.

    Dies sollte so ja nicht sein. Was habt ihr für eine Lösung? 

    Vg Lutz


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    Fred Lüdemann

    Hi Mike,
    I've already tried Workspace for a few days.
    It is good for simple work. But RAW converter like Lightroom or DxO-Photolab or Luminar are much better. But - Workspace is currently much faster than Luminar.
    In luminar I love the settings for lights and shadows. The control-options are (my opinion) better than in Lightroom (with the ORFs of my Oly e-m5)

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    Phil Hurd

    I used to convert my Sony RAW files to DNG as part of my workflow, using Adobe's DNG converter. My thinking was that in years to come when I'm using totally different processing software, would my old Sony ARW files be able to be read/converted?

    Nowadays I use the original Sony ARW files but when I have time I create a DNG backup, just in case.

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