Sync SOME adjustments not all



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    Steve Ratts

    I'll second this request! This is a feature I've often found useful in LR. I suppose a workaround, albeit a kludgy one, would be to use history to back out edits you don't want to sync, then sync edits, then restore with History - but I'm not even sure if that would work. Even if it did it work it would require some pretty tedious effort! Much better to be able to open a dialog box and check off the filters you've like to sync. Great suggestion!

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    Maryna Skylum

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I've forwarded it to our technical department for their consideration.

    We do plan on improving the Sync Adjustments option in future updates.


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    Erwin Kargl

    Yes, we deffinitly need this.

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