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    Denis Kotsee

    Hi Peter, welcome to the Skylum forum!

    I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying working in Luminar. Please allow me to address the issues you mentioned in your post:

    1. Crashes. We've fixed most of them in 3.0.1 and the occasional ones that seem to be keep happening will be addressed in 3.1.0.
    2. Slowing down. Speed depends on the computer's processing power and on how heavy the edits you're applying are but we'll also going to address speed in 3.1.0.
    3. >the "before" view (eye symbol) stopped working and only showed black.
      This is likely connected to Point 2.
    4. >After using the Tools -> Erase function, all filters are gone from the filters pane.
      When you apply the Erase tool, it creates a new layer, so it's normal behavior that there are no filters on the new layer.
    5. >Sometimes, when selecting Add Filters -> Develop, the filter doesn't show up in the filters pane
      Develop and RAW Develop are always added first in the filter stack. If you add, say, about ten other filters, the filter panel scrolls down to show you the lowermost filter. If you then add Develop or RAW Develop, it will appear at the top of the stack. Maybe this is what you're seeing?
    6. >A couple of times the application froze and had to be restarted when using the crop tool and clicking "Done"
      We're hoping that in 3.1.0 this is no longer going to be an issue.
    7. >Automatic raw processing for Sony RX100 IV does not seem to work.
      Please let us know what kind of processing are you expecting after you apply a profile for your camera - we'll be able to tell with more certainty whether what you're seeing is an issue or normal behavior.
    8. >some photos taken with my phone show up heavily distorted in the gallery and side pane.
      This is a known issue, and we're working on a fix for it. We'd appreciate if you could send us one photo that displays incorrectly via wetransfer.com (it would be better if you sent an email to support team with the link)
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    Peter N

    Hi Denis,

    thanks for the prompt answer!

    A few comments:

    2. I have a MacBook Pro 13, bought in 11/2018. While it is certainly not the fastest Mac on the market, it should perform reasonably well. I currently work on maybe 150-200 12MPx mobile phone jpegs, with maybe 3 to 6 filters on each pic. Slow down more or less happens out of the blue, after I have been working for a while. It does not seem to be directly triggered by using a filter. The slow down mostly goes as unexpectedly as it came. If it's too persistent, I sometimes restart and then it's gone - at least for a while. As a software-developer, I would guess that this is some kind of garbage-collection issue, caching problem or memory leak. 

    3. The "before" view stays black for good. At least I have waited for more than a minute or so with the mouse clicked. The behavior not only occurs when it's slowed down.

    4. OK, that probably explains it. I'll check tonight... haven't used layers, yet...

    5. No, I scrolled up and down - it was simply not there...

    7. I have never done raw processing before, so it could be that I have wrong expectations, or I haven't yet found out how to do it in Luminar (given how easy and intuitive it is to use Luminar, I rather doubt this). After adding the "Raw Development" filter and choosing my camera profile, the image looks exactly the same as before and all controls in the filter are in neutral position. I would expect that a raw converter makes some camera dependent adjustments (what else should it do?), e.g. correcting lens distortion, color balance, contrast, moiré, noise etc. I've set my RX100 to save raw and jpeg, so after conversion the raw image ideally should look like the in camera converted jpeg or at least significantly different than the raw image. Am I totally wrong with this? What is the use of selecting a camera profile, if I have to do all adjustments manually?

    8. I will send you some examples tonight.

    I'm really looking forward to the next release(s). I would really like to see Luminar rise up to its potential.



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    Denis Kotsee

    5. If you encounter this again, could you please let us know what your workflow is prior to encountering this issue? We need to be able to reproduce it in order to understand why it occurs.

    7. If I understand it correctly, your camera profiles may not be applying properly. Instead of manually pointing Luminar to the profile file, try installing Adobe DNG converter, restart Luminar, and see if the profiles for your camera appear in RAW Develop automatically.

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    Peter N

    Hi Denis,

    5. I will try to reproduce it tonight and give you a more detailed description

    7. I had installed Adobe DNG converter, but I'm not sure whether I restarted Luminar before processing RAW. I had to point Luminar to the directory and then select my camera profile. I'll check tonight.



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