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    Nastia Davis

    Hi Hitoshi! Could you specify what is the issue with Luminar? What did you do when the issue appeared?

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    Hitoshi Hirai

    ok, i tell you that why.
    because I bought useless beta software.
    thank you very much.

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    Mark Hertel

    Couldn’t ask for more insight regarding the issue than that. Get your money back and move on, this doesn’t help.

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    Phil Hurd

    I think I may have posted on this forum before that a lot of people who are angry about Luminar 3 are actually angry with themselves. If I didn't already own Luminar 2018 (so the '3' upgrade was free), I certainly wouldn't have purchased it without a free trial. So Hitoshi Hirai didn't like Luminar 3, his problem I yhink.

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    Colin Grant

    There is a money back option I believe. Others have benefited from it so he can as Mark says just move on.

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    Bob Rockefeller

    And this is the root decision for many here: just move on to other software, or stay and work around problems while working with Skylum to attempt to repair and improve this software.

    Professional photographers, it appears to me, have little choice – they must move on to software that will help them run their businesses.

    Others may be able to dabble with Luminar while falling back to other software for the "real" editing and adjustments. That's most likely me, at this point. I'll fall back to ON1 Photo RAW and keep a toe in Luminar's pool watching how it develops and submitting support tickets as the need arises.

    I expect Luminar to develop into something that could replace LR, but it will be late this year or early next for many. For some, it may never.

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