L3 feeling like a beta version



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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi Cecil! That was an initial version of Luminar 3, step by step, we will make it flawless.
    Could you specify how big is your catalog< how many photos did you add? The issue might be in some images EXIF. 

    You can try removing your catalog and adding some smaller folders one by one.

    To remove catalog:

    On Mac:

    1. Make sure Luminar is closed.
    2. Locate your Luminar Catalog folder. The default location is %username%\Pictures\. If you specified a custom location for your catalog, search your custom location.
    3. Remove the Luminar Catalog folder.

    Note that the albums you created in Luminar and edits you made will be removed. Your photos on disk won't be affected in any way.


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    Jerry Gifford

    How do I specify a location other than the Pictures folder?

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    Leila Evans

    @Jerry Gifford - If you launching the app for the 1st time, you can choose another path for your Luminar Catalog during onboarding (Step 2). If you already use the app, you can create a new catalog by clicking File - Catalog - New and specify the desired path.

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