Luminar 3 library is unusable with ~100k images in it



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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Kert,

    We're aware of the performance issues, and we're truly sorry if you encountered them. We will release an update meant to target these issues at the end of January - beginning of February.

    With regard to your X10 files - the X10 is supported. However, are you using the fuji raw compressed format? There are some known issues with the compressed format and we recommend using the non-compressed option.


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    Thank you for the information. I am looking forward to the patch 3.1 and hope that it manages to improve the performance at least enough to make the software somewhat usable.


    As far as X10 raw files go - I was not aware that x10 compressed raw is not supported and only uncompressed raw is OK for Luminar 3. To be honest I was at first just pleasantly surprised when I saw x10 in the list at all - its not exactly a very common or modern camera. Unfortunately, I do not remember from top of my head if I'm using compressed or uncompressed RAW. I'd assume that most likely I have it in compressed RAW format, because at the time I got it I was somewhat space confined and when the quality is nearly the same it makes little sense to just "waste" space.

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