Leaving Adobe for good.



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    Vance Zachary

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Glad you found your path! Good luck!

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Jesse,

    Thats great to hear! Thanks for choosing Luminar and let us know if we can help with anything.

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    Ron Faria

    Your review is very helpful to me.  I have been wanting to find a software where I could catalog my images and not have to pay a monthly fee.  Luminar 3 is just what I have been looking for and even better than Lightroom.  Plus I love that you can have layers and masking and all the looks & filters that make it easy to find something that makes my images look really good.

    I have one question about bringing my files in from my hard drive:  I seems that when I imported my images they almost doubled from what I had in Lightroom.  Is this because they also brought in my collections from Lightroom in addition to the files?

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    Leila Evans

    Hi Ron - When you add a folder to Luminar 3, the app doesn't duplicate your images. If you have any issues, please reach us at support@skylum.com 

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