Rotate images in grid view - when is it comming?



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    Erwin Kargl

    And when images are rotated, it´s not shown/updated in Grid-View or filmstrip. Will this be fixed in L3 3.1 too?

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    Daniel Scholz

    Hi Erwin, previews might need some time to get updated. Have you tried to wait a little? Or have you tried to restart Luminar? Any changes? We'll definitely fix performance in this update, so this process will take less time.

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    K.G. Wuensch

    @Erwin, do you really think rotating an image in the browser view (it's notably not a grid view) is a good idea? Every image orientation change - unless the image has a square aspect ratio (1:1) - would trigger a complete re-layout of the browser. Currently every time that happens the browser loses the current selection and jumps to the first image in the browser...

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    Erwin Kargl

    @K.G. Wuensch: In an ideal Luminar 3 world I think its necessary. Like now it´s probably a speed and re-organisation problem, that´s right. And yes, a real grid view is essential.

    @Daniel Scholz: "Have you tried to wait a little? Or have you tried to restart Luminar?" - this was yesterday, plenty of restarts of Luminar and the pc (Microsoft Updates), today the previews are still the same = not correct rotated, but today the edits are shown in the previews.

    It takes about 30 - 45 Seconds to get the image ready for edit.

    1. it opens, but not in the correct rotation
    2. images gets bigger
    3. images turns
    4. no edits are shown
    5. then "Image Processing" is shown
    6. Image gets kind of blured out (???)
    7. finally the image is ready to edit

    An image without rotation is faster (hope with 3.1 it will be FAST!), takes around 15 - 20 Seconds.

    Maybe you should also check, why the image changes two times the size, when it gets opened in edit mode ... unnecessery speed/power-loss???

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    Erwin Kargl

    @Daniel Scholz: the exported JPGs got not rotated ... please fix this bug!

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Erwin,

    We're aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

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