Luminar 2018 to Aurora HDR 2019



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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Babu,

    Luminar 2018 does not have built in functionality to work with Aurora HDR 2019. Please use Luminar 3 instead.

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    Ahmed Abdoulaye

    I have Luminar 3 but I cannot open from Aurora HDR 2019 to Luminar 3.

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    Anna Veres

    Hi Ahmed,

    For now, Aurora HDR 2019 is not connected with Luminar 3 as far as we haven't released any updates for Aurora HDR 2019 yet. 

    The update will be released soon. 

    However, for now, you can connect Luminar 3 with Aurora HDR 2019 manually so you could send the HDR image from Aurora HDR 2019 to Luminar 3.

    Please find the file(launch Finder > File >  Find):


    Copy and paste it on the Desktop(for example). 

    Launch Aurora HDR 2019 and click Plug-ins > Other > Open plug-in and navigate to the Luminar3Plugin.plugin file. 

    After that, you will be able to launch Luminar 3 from Aurora HDR 2019. 


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