Aurora 2019 export to Lightroom



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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Julian,

    The trial version has the same features as the purchased version.

    Please try reinstalling the plugin for Lightroom in Luminar.

    1. Make sure Aurora HDR 2019 is open as a standalone and that Lightroom is closed
    2. Choose Luminar 3 > Install Plugins… to start on Mac or File > Install Plugins on PC.
    3. A new dialog box appears to show you which supported host applications you have currently installed on your computer.
    4. If the Lightroom plugin is already marked as installed, toggle the button to uninstall it, and then click it again to reinstall.
    5. Quit Aurora HDR 2019 and restart your computer
    6. Open Lightroom and invoke the Aurora plugin from the

    Let us know how it goes.

    Also, if your trial has expired before you had a chance to fully test the software, please let us know and we can reset your trial for you.

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    Shagen Ganason

    I have the same problem and I am using a trial version a well. I tried the steps suggested but I still cannot see "apply".

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    Dmytro B.

    Hi Shagen, please specify the way you're trying to invoke the plugin?

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    Shagen Ganason

    The same way I use Luminar Flex, that is using Edit with Lightroom adjustments

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    Anastasia Davis

    Please use the following method:

    right-click on the image > Export > Aurora HDR 2019 > Export a photo with Lightroom adjustments/Open source photo. 

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