Photoshop elements doesn´t show up as a plugin.



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    Maryna Skylum

    Please, note that Luminar and Aurora HDR can work as plugins for Photoshop Elements on MacOS version only.

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    Pierre Alarie

    Hi, I discover how to do plugin Skylum Luminar and Aurora  from Windows Photoshop Elements 15... but manually.

    I post 2 compositions I made to illustrate how to.

    1) Here a picture how to for Luminar 3


    2) a picture how to for Aurora 2010

    I have tried for Luminar 2018 and Aurora 2018 and it is OK. Hope I help.

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    Pierre Alarie

    And the 2th picture for how to manually for Aurora as plugin in Windows Photoshop Elements 15.


    Hope I help.

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