Moving referenced files.



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    Denis Kotsee

    To move the photos that you currently have in Luminar:

    1. add the desired location to Luminar (you can add an empty folder)
    2. in Luminar, select the photos you'd like to move and drag them to the folder you added in step 1 - the files will be physically moved and Luminar will retain all your edits and history
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    Dave Biggs

    Yes I understand that. But it doesn’t help if I want to move, copy, many complete stored photos folders from one drive to another with a backup software. in which only a few subfolders have been put into folders in Luminar, and others have already been processed in another software. 

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    Roger Salvesen

    Hi Dave. I am doing this very thing. I have a 3TB external drive with all of my RAW files. There is one folder each for 1 Pentax and 2 Fujifilm. I also have local folders added in Luminar as well it all works.

    So by the reply from Denis provided you have the Original local folder (Luminar does include sub folders) and the new empty folder on the external drive added to Luminar's catalog (use the + folder) You can simply drag all photos from one directory to another and Luminar will Move the files over.

    Now I moved the files with Capture one but because Luminar tracks the Mac Finder for updates when I re-opened Luminar the changes were reflected. I have also read that as long as the source and destination are added to Luminar you can make changes in the finder as well. (if you are on PC then windows explorer/file system)

    Me personally I recommend starting small say with 10 photos just to see how it behaves. I have a pretty up to date system so for me I have had really very few problems.

    I hope this helps. I found much of the online training by Jim Nix and others to really make sense for me.

    Good Luck


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    Dave Biggs

    Thanks Roger. When I get my new hard drive I’ll give it a go.

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