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    Vance Zachary

    @Jules I understand your frustration and I have been anticipating this feature as I too use a Windows computer.

    I was pleased to see that the adjustment bar has been added to Windows Luminar 3's Adjustable Gradient. I have been using it recently and It works pretty well.
    I am hoping that they will add this feature to Windows Aurora 2019 as a free update soon (and not a paid upgrade later).
    If you have Luminar 3 and it is somewhat stable, try it!

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    Vereslavska Anna Veres


    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    We will do our best to improve this functionality not only in Luminar 3 but also in Aurora HDR 2019 too in the future updates.

    Hope for your understanding and patience. 

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    michael mills

    Skylum team,

    The windows version of Luminar is missing the lasso feature. I mention it here because most of us users think of both Luminar and Aurora as a complimentary package. You need both to perform well together to get the best results. The windows versions of Aurora and Luminar when used together (using pluggin mode) are both missing key functionality and the behavior/results in pluggin mode are often unpredictable. The net result is that the pair are underperforming. Before the Skylum team should be thinking about the next gen versions of each, they should be closing the gaps between the MAC and Windows versions. I'd like to see the Skylum team post a list of the bugs and functionality they are working on along with some target deployment dates. That would be very helpful to us customers.

    I'd also like to recommend that Skylum implement a "chat" room so that developers and customers can interact to help the product grow.

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