Aurora 2019 there no plug in for lightroom 6



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    Vance Zachary

    Yes, it does work for sending work from Lightroom 6 to Luminar and back but there is no way to start in Luminar and then invoke Lightroom unfortunately. Look for it in a future update this year I hope!

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    Vereslavska Anna Veres


    Hi Patrick,

    You can use Aurora HDR as a plug-in for LR. 

    Try the steps below:

    1. Make sure Lightroom is closed.
    2. Start Aurora HDR. Please right click the app and choose to run as an Administrator. 
    3. Click File in the upper left of your screen > Install Plugins.
    4. Click Install next to Lightroom.

    Access Aurora HDR from Lightroom via:


    • right-click an image
    • choose Export
    • choose one of the options under Aurora HDR in the menu


    Concerning invoking LR from skylum apps, we will do our best to add this functionality to the Windows version in the future updates. 

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