Aperture users DAM wish list for Luminar



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    Carsten Dräger

    I absolutely second #2 and #4, as well as #3.

    Batch correction of time and date (e.g. all pictures +6h, or changing the timezone etc.) would be very handy. More export options including renaming has already been requested several times I believe.

    Regarding stacking, personally I don't miss the feature but I can see how one does if it was incorporated into their workflow. More important I believe is virtual copies (already on the roadmap). If something like stacks comes, it can only come afterwards imho.

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    Steve Ratts

    I agree with Weibke on each of these requests, some have already been made previously in other threads, and some of which are already on the roadmap.

    I do a fair but of HDR, so I'll definitely vote for stacks! Given that SkyLum is also the source for my goto HDR SW, and they're planning tighter integration in the future (the integration being presently essentially broken), then maybe stacks can some with that? I agree virtual copies are also important, perhaps more so - but it sure would be nice to open a folder containing bracketed shots and see them as stacks instead of sequences of individual shots. Maybe the ability to toggle between these views?


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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Wiebke,

    Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. I'll share it with our developers. Please be sure to keep an eye on our Roadmap at https://skylum.com/luminar/roadmap for what we currently have planned for Luminar 3.

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