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    Bob Legg

    I'm not with Skylum but they have been responsive to my complaints. FYI, there is no saving, it's automatic and here is the link for support.  

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    Kristin Traudt

    That’s the link I used when I emailed Monday and again Wednesday. To clarify I can’t import, share, save or otherwise view my edited photos anywhere but in the Skylum software. Can’t print either. All I can do with my photos is open them in the editor. I also purchased Luminar 3 and I have the same issue, all my edited photos are only available within the editor. Its rather disappointing, I’ve been want this for a couple years.

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    Karen Banks

    Kristin-It has been taking them a week to get back to me......apparently they are swamped with questions.


    After editing your you want to load a copy of that photo onto your hard drive? If so, while in Luminar 3, right-click on the photo and you will see "export" on "export" and a box will come up with several things that you need to do. In the first box it will show a place to export you photo to, if that is not the area you want to save the photo to click on "Browse" and locate the area and click OK.....once you are done setting up the file type and such, there is a place to click on the bottom of the box to save your photo.  

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    Paul Yonker

    On my MAC you can print the photo you are editing by going to "file" "print".  It takes a little bit for Luminar to convert my "RAW" files to the format used by the printer.


    Also,  looking at some to comments about Luminar it appears it needs a lot of memory.  They say 8G.  I think that will just get you going.

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Kristin,

    We apologize for the lengthy delay in replying. Our support staff has been swamped with inquiries related to Luminar 3 and we are doing our best to answer all of them as quickly as possible.

    To share your images, please go to File > Export. You'll have the option to save your edits as JPG, TIFF, etc. and then you can share them as you wish via email, social media, etc.

    To print, go to File > Print. Luminar uses your system's print dialog.

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