Compatibility For Windows Aurora 2019/Luminar with MAC Versions



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    Anna Veres

    Hi Michael,

    Our technical department is constantly working on making the MacOS and Windows versions equal. 

    For now, they are focused more on fixing the performance issues of Luminar 3(both on Mac&Windows).

    Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated. 

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    michael mills


    Maybe I should be put in contact with someone on the windows team?

    I understand (I myself am a technical engineer & project manager) that you hope your next version is cleaner and fixes many of the current problems but that's not helping me and the rest of the customer community now. The issues that exist currently make the windows version only marginally usable.

    So, I am willing to offer my engineering & project management expertise to help.

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Michael,

    We appreciate your offer to help! You can contact our team at Thank you!

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