But what if I don't want Luminar to catalog my photos?



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    Dann Lavery

    @Nemo, if you care to do some research there a number of posts on how to bypass the Library feature. Also Matt Seuss has a Youtube video on the same subject.
    The only caveat known to date is there needs to be a minimum of 1 image in the Luminar catalogue in order for the QUICK EDIT to function as per previous versions. Otherwise it takes a couple of extra clicks to begin editing.
    Skylum has advised this will be patched on v3.1.0.
    Hope it works for you.

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    Nemo Niemann

    Thank you for the comment. My issue was/is that when I first launched Luminar 3, I was never given the option to catalog or what folder to use; it just started importing photos immediately. There was no way to stop it from doing so except quitting the program. As soon as I launched the program, it started importing again. It's a pity they chose to go the "catalog route". Not everyone wants everything cataloged. At least they fixed the colorspace issue when working with AdobeRGB.

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    Dann Lavery

    @Nemo. Agreed; I use other software to organize, keyword etc so wasn't hung up that V 3.0 came with the Library option.
    I dont use Skylums library.
    BTW there was the option to change the default folder at install. I used an empty folder and the install went fine (Mac).

    The other itwm you may find is, without using the Library, there is no current option to save your work history (aka .lmnr files). Again not a problem for some but seems to be a hockey stick up the arse for others.
    Bon chance!

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